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May 22 2018


say what you will about his magnificent mustache but chris looks so happy doing lobby hero and that’s what matters the most thank you goodnight

May 19 2018



remember when fyre fest happened like a year or so ago and there was this article where the attendees complained about how shitty it was but there was this one middle class dude who won a ticket through like a lottery or something and had the time of his life because rich people suffering is great. i hope y’all remember it is today’s mood

god i AM josh.

May 18 2018

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I thought that was an exhibit of relics from Pompeii at first

Considering it looks like I’d literally die if I ate it, I have to hope it tastes better than it looks… 

May 13 2018

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The Chinese have some VERY INTERESTING NICKNAMES for the avengers, as seen above from the article I found on quartzy!!!

Actually that description of Iron Man – cold on the outside, warm on the inside – pretty much fits.

“Captain Big Tits” and “Fat Birdie,” though…lol.


May 07 2018

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February 17 2018

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February 16 2018

The entirely unnecessary demise of Barnes & Noble




“Whether the Andrea Gail rolls, pitch-poles, or gets driven down, she winds up, one way or another, in a position from which she cannot recover. Among marine architects this is known as the zero-moment point – the point of no return.” –Sebastian Junger, “The Perfect Storm”

Posts like this aren’t my usual fare, but there’s a lot of readers on Tumblr. So y’all might be interested – or, if not, you really should be.

On Monday, this went down:


That’s the bloodless, matter-of-fact, ho-hum business event way of describing it. Let me paint you a different picture.

On Monday morning, every single Barnes & Noble location – that’s 781 stores – told their full-time employees to pack up and leave. The eliminated positions were as follows: the head cashiers (those are the people responsible for handling the money), the receiving managers (the people responsible for bringing in product and making sure it goes where it should), the digital leads (the people responsible for solving Nook problems), the newsstand leads (the people responsible for distributing the magazines), and the bargain leads (the people responsible for keeping up the massive discount sections). A few of the larger stores were able to spare their head cashiers and their receiving managers, but not many.

Just about everyone lost between 3 and 7 employees. The unofficial numbers put the total around 1,800 people.



We’re not talking post-holiday culling of seasonal workers. This was the Red Wedding. Every person laid off was a full-time employee. These were people for whom Barnes & Noble was a career. Most of them had given 5, 10, 20 years to the company. In most cases it was their sole source of income.

There was no warning.

But it gets worse.

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hey so i was debating whether or not i was gonna mention what company i worked at - i DEFINITELY wasn’t going to while i still worked there, because doing so would affiliate my social media with it, etc., BUT since i just got laid off!! here you all go!

this is an incredible essay detailing exactly what kind of corporate capitalist hellscape barnes & noble’s upper management is, and the way they’ve been handling the store. it’s funny how the mentions of what went on with slashed pay for receiving workers correlates EXACTLY with how i’ve been complaining (privately) about store (mis)management for months

everything you need to know about the store’s financial shape is above, and i don’t have a lot to add to that. what i will say is that i do NOT, by ANY MEANS, blame the people running my individual store for this.

my job was fucking incredible. i got along well with all of my supervisors. as the head cashier, i created and distributed training materials both for training managers AND for training cashiers. i helped new employees learn the ins and outs of the store. i handled finances every night. i spoke during morning meetings to help people upsell and increase their sales percentages. 90% of my social life came through my job - i have SO MANY FRIENDS at barnes and noble. genuinely, at my store at least, we’re a family full of people who love books and we fucking care about each other!! a whole fucking lot!!

my manager was crying on monday when she told me my position had been eliminated. she was fresh from firing our bargain lead, a woman who had worked at the company for 13 years and left sobbing because she didn’t know what to do with herself. our newsstand lead, who’d worked at the company for 19 years and had just lost his father a few months ago. our receiving manager, who’d been at the company for several years (i don’t know how many) and was the only thing keeping the store running. our other head cashier, who’d been there for five years?? she was on vacation and wouldn’t be back until thursday. our manager had to call her on the phone and tell her by phone instead of face-to-face.

losing business to amazon was inevitable and needing to scale back was inevitable. i knew barnes and noble would shut its doors eventually. but the fact that it’s happening NOW, as opposed to a few years down the line, is because of massive corporate mismanagement and nothing else.

the reason i’m so furious and upset at the loss of my job is because i LOVED my job. that’s what i want to impress over and over as i reblog this article. i loved the work environment, i loved my managers, i loved my coworkers, i loved the job itself. i put EVERYTHING I HAD into that job. as did the coworkers of mine who got fired. as did all of the people talked about in this article. we were full-time, experienced employees who loved the store and devoted our entire fucking lives to it.

corporate ruined us and i won’t be forgiving them for that anytime soon. that’s why i’m posting about it on social media now. it has nothing to do with the individual store i worked at or my individual coworkers. the fact that they were so great just makes the sting of this exploitation and screwing-over that much worse.

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the fact that a school shooting survivor has to tell the president of the united states to do something really shows how fucked up the government’s priorities are

this girl is overall taking no bullshit from anyone


I was honestly in a different mood when I saw this. But its too important to not reblog and pass on. Our government is and has been trying to normalize school shootings. PEOPLE, WHAT WILL IT TAKE? GET OUT AND VOTE THESE MOTHERFUCKERS OUT IN 2018! DONT WAIT TIL 2020, BY THEN IT WILL BE TOO LATE!

The local police department was tweeting for them not to call 911 and to wait for the police to get to their room smh

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February 14 2018

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Day 10 of #BlackHistoryYouDidntLearnInSchool - The Friendship Nine

“It didn’t make sense to violate the law and then put money right back into the system.”

“We were simply students who were tired of the status quo, tired of being treated as second-class citizens.”

My twitter

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Day 13 of #BlackHistoryYouDidntLearnInSchool - John Carlos & Tommie Smith

1968 Olympics The Black Power Salute Documentary

“If I win, I am American, not a black American. But if I did something bad, then they would say I am a Negro. We are black & we are proud.”

“We were just human beings who saw a need to bring attention to the inequality in our country.”

My twitter

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(Leatherhead’s is my favorite, just saying.)

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“Congratulations to @mirai_nagasu, a daughter of immigrants, and now the first American woman to land a triple axel at the #Olympics. Immigrants make America great!”


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“17-year-old @chloekimsnow is the daughter of Korean immigrants. Today she made history as the youngest woman to win a medal in snowboarding at the #Olympics. She won gold.”



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Important update on the Chloe Kim ice cream situation: David Chang came through!! 😂

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Skaters of Asian descent on the 2018 US Olympic Figure Skating Team
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For the first time in history, both the U.S. ladies’ and men’s three-person Olympic team will have two Asian-American skaters. Overall, half of U.S. Figure Skating’s 14-member Olympic delegation is of Asian descent.

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