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October 23 2017

that feel when you search “meme songs” on youtube to put on shuffle

god help anyone in my car

gookiemonsterr replied to your post “gookiemonsterr replied to your photoset “i’m arguing with this dude…”
And why is he even trying to defend it???? It’s true that it looks worse than the Japanese one so shouldn’t he be doing the opposite and trying to increase the quality of the items?????

i dunno. i think he thinks i was being overreactive. i don’t think he’s very familiar with manufacturing of plush besides like the difference between official versus really obvious knockoffs

gookiemonsterr replied to your photoset “i’m arguing with this dude who thinks i’m incorrect when i say the…”

oh! he was also claiming that “oh they might be old stock”


like how are plushes from a campaign from LAST YEAR old stock?!?!?!!

gookiemonsterr replied to your photoset “i’m arguing with this dude who thinks i’m incorrect when i say the…”

he was like “oh it must have been shipping” and “oh it must have been a mistake” and “oh you’ve only seen a few”

and i’m like “bitch i went to two pokemon centers in japan, i’ve gone to AX and scoured the dealer’s hall, i’ve ordered japanese plushes online. i know the difference between compressed by shipping, chinese knockoffs, and american garbage”

(at AX, you can see the american ones side by side with japanese ones and the quality difference is noticeable even if everything’s been stuffed into boxes)

also the japanese one, it says “made in philippines” and the american ones say “made in china”

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but tell me you wouldnt wear at least one of these

Is this the equivalent of americans wearing poorly-translated Chinese/Japanese t-shirts around the early 2000’s? And can i please have every single shirt up there?


My undergrad alma mater had an exchange program where we had an entire class of Japanese university students spend a year at our school studying in English immersion each year. Which was awesome, they were really cool and they loved to socialize with the American kids. 

One of my best friends had one of the exchange students as her roommate; she was about four foot eleven and maybe ninety pounds, and she had a passion for huge platform boots and shirts with English slogans on them. She explained exactly that – it was cool to wear shirts with English lettering on them, even if you didn’t exactly know what it meant (this was in the late 90s/early 00s).

Her absolute favorite shirt was black with BITCH picked out in enormous rhinestones. She’d worn it three times before I asked her if she knew what it meant, and she said she’d been told it meant “Like a baby dog, the cutest dog? A really cute girl puppy.” 

So I explained to her that it wasn’t quite an accurate translation, and as I elaborated on what it meant, from “female dog” on up to “a name you call a woman you don’t like” and all the reasons you might call someone that, her eyes got wider and wider until finally she yelled “THAT’S BETTER, THAT’S THE BEST! BITCH IS EVEN BETTER THAN CUTE!”

I loved her to bits, she was amazing. 

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i’m arguing with this dude who thinks i’m incorrect when i say the american versions of japanese pokemon center merch look terrible. and he’s arguing that they made mistakes with the american ones. i mean he’s correct, if by mistake he means the mistake of going with a cheaper manufacture that uses a cheaper keychain and uses a different pattern, which i think is intentional

(left: japan; right: america)

October 22 2017

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neeed for troll ignore

October 21 2017

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reupload for my own nefarious purposes

October 20 2017

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The Pokémon Center line of merchandise for Christmas has been announced! And it’s actually two different lines! This year, Pikachu, Rockruff and Alolan Vulpix are under the light spot! This line will be released on November 3rd, 2017

Here’s the Christmas line-up:
-  Plush (Rockruff / Pikachu / Alolan Vulpix) - 1 800 yen
- A4 clearfile - 240 yen
- Message card - 450 yen
- Stickers - 500 yen
- Tea cup - 1 300 yen
- Hand towel - 500 yen
- Drawstring small bag - 600 yen
- Christmas pin - 600 yen
- Stands clip - 950 yen
- Metal keyrings - 650 yen

Here’s the Hide & Seek line-up:
- Snacks box - 860 yen
- Plush (Snow Pikachu) - 1 500 yen
- Mascot plush (Snow Pikachu) - 1 000 yen
- A4 clearfiles - 240 yen
- Sketch book - 620 yen
- Greeting card - 400 yen
- Masking tape - 600 yen
- Tote bag - 1 800 yen
- Book jacket - 1 500 yen
- Hand towel - 500 yen
- Pass case - 1 500 yen
- Flat pouch - 1 500 yen
- Large blanket - 3 000 yen
- Mug with cover - 1 400 yen

October 18 2017

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October 15 2017

“what do you want to do when you grow up?”

“i want to own a zoo”

October 11 2017

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reblogging for the sheer Halloween ambiance of these pics

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October 10 2017

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Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day! Let’s pause to remember those lost to the horrors of genocide and send light and love their way.

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Po’Pay Feast Day on Indigenous Peoples’ Day at Santa Fe Indian School.

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Fuck Christopher Columbus

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Boston says: Honor Indigenous Peoples Day – Abolish Columbus Day! October 7, 2017.

Photos by Stevan Kirschbaum

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Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!


Across the United States, there are 556 federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native nations. Each one has it’s own unique history and culture. American education has not bothered to tell us that Native people lived in peace and effectively governed themselves before the Europeans came along. American education has not informed us that Native Americans have been slighted ever since, not even being recognized as citizens (despite the fact that they were here first) until the 20th century. 

But we don’t have to push these facts aside. We can stop celebrating a man that began a genocide and a terrible theft of land and culture, and start celebrating Indigenous Peoples for their rich history and their equal contributions to society.

To all Indigenous Peoples out there: we’re glad you’re here!



We will stand with you in your continued battle to be recognized as legitimate human beings instead of the stereotypes perpetuated by Columbus and those that came after him.

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Days 8+9

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