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January 29 2018

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January 21 2018

i loathe eating at new american or places that try to be hip n trendy.

it’s like they try so hard to be FAAAANCY but they suck ass at what they do like it’s always a little bland or too complicated or they can’t get the basics right like what’s wrong with just a really good basic sandwich with a good meat and good vegetables on good bread served with a pickle and a side like im not talkin subway i mean like just a good, solid sandwich but then those hipster or hip n trendy places be like WE GONNA GET FAAAAANCY and they do these weird sauces and i don’t understand the menu and the bread is kinda bland or too toasted or not toasted enough and the meat is FAAAANCY but it isn’t very good like guhhhh i just wanted a sandwich!

January 20 2018



me in italy: kinda gets the gist of what things are even though i don’t know italian

me in china: no fucking clue even though i know some chinese

every time i make calls to patients at work, its a fuckin minefield because they’ll have their pin yin names but i have to say their name out loud and sometimes i gotta guess

it’s soooooo irritating ppl be like this is the piyin how do you pronounce and im like motherfucker there aint no fuckin inflection notes here i have no clue

my sister’s mind was blown when she realized Szechuan is how white people pronounce Sichuan and now she calls it Saskatchewan Sauce

quichehound commented on quichehound’s post “Alas”
it still sounds interesting to me, honestly!

it would have been more interesting if it wasn’t interfering with school. i couldn’t make up my in-class drawing assignments bc jury duty prevented me from going to other sections and i had already postponed jury duty twice (they wouldn’t let me postpone a third and didn’t see school as a valid excuse)

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💜 Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here! 💜

( Amazing video of my Ultraviolet Tracer cosplay taken by Dave Yang! :D )

Omg this is perfect 😍😍😍

i feel kinda bad that i can’t fix my own problems

like i need professional assistance to unfuck my apartment and car and kitchen sink

January 12 2018

me in italy: kinda gets the gist of what things are even though i don’t know italian

me in china: no fucking clue even though i know some chinese

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I know it’s not hard to point out reactionaries hypocrisy when it comes to like safe spaces or hug boxes or whatever but genuinely how much of an echo chamber do you have to exist in for you to think this is a reasonable thing to say

reblog if attacking fascism is really the hill you want to die on



You shouldn’t be treating nb people like the secret sexy 3rd gender. Nb people don’t look like a mash of male and female, they’re not sexy androgynous twinks

white skinny androgynous nb people reblogging this and saying shit like “Well this is what I look like! So I feel represented!” Are literally part of the problem. I’m not saying that no nb people are white/skinny/andro, I’m saying that those are the only type of nb bodies that get represented 

January 07 2018

i know something is wrong because i don’t find things interesting anymore

last night i went to an art show and while i liked the art i didn’t find things engaging for some reason

does anyone else feel like this? or is everyone bluffing? or do people find things interesting?

i’m pretty sure for me it’s the depression talking

January 05 2018


The weirdest thing straight girls do is shame people who use pads instead of tampons

January 04 2018




in 2018 ‘8-bit ‘pixelated ‘retro’ indie games are fucking out. ps1 era graphics are IN

I’ll die before I let this happen tbh

Silicon Valley elites are spending $60 for less than 3 gallons of dangerous, unfiltered water — and it's flying off the shelves


  • People in San Francisco are spending $37 for untreated, unfiltered water — and it is so popular, stores are apparently having a hard time keeping it in stock.
  • Other Silicon Valley insiders are gathering and storing their own spring water, which has not been treated.
  • Consuming “raw” water can spread infections such as cholera, Hepatitis A, and E. coli.


my sister was telling me about her friend who was on this dating app that was like mostly populated by kinda gym rat dudes holding shepherd/bully/golden retrievers and i was like “i dunno man i’d be into that just for the dogs” and my sister was like “BUT THAT’S HOW THEY GET YOU”

January 03 2018

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I wanted to share this on this sub. Keep on staying strong!

year of the dog

i think this year is going to be good. graduation was hard as balls and school in general unmade me as a person and this is going to be the year i get right with myself and become a person again

like on a scale of how stressful last semester was i basically stopped biting my nails last year but three weeks into last semester i started biting them and bit them non-stop until like two weeks before graduation

but it was also really affirming to see that people did like my stuff like not just my friends saying so but brian being like i really like the way you tell stories and i think the stories you tell are interesting and i got a really great score on my design stuff for graduation even though normally i’m very ehhhhhh about my skills as a graphic designer and idk it was super hard but people really liked my stuff and that’s given me a lot of confidence that i didn’t have before. it was really good to know that my mind and thinking is good. i think as a creative person who suffered a lot of anxiety and depression surrounding my skills, like it’s good to know my stuff works. and not like in an ego inflating way. just in a sort of basic self-esteem sort of way

my assessment of last year was that i was quite successful at becoming the diet gay i aspire to be (minus the weight loss thing), and i did successfully hold to a daily routine for about half the year. i can feel an itch for returning to the schedule since it became familiar and it was very successful

as the title suggests a bit, my overall goal this year is to become stable and self-sufficient enough that i can adopt a dog. which encompasses self-care and financial and working habits.

self-care goals:
-make daily/weekly routine rock solid (fight depression with good habits)
-sleep on a regular schedule (12-7 M-F, 12-8 Sat-Sun)
-develop a walking routine that would be like if i had a dog (going out at least twice a day)
-maintain a good home environment (fight depression!)
-lose all the weight i gained while in school (30 lbs)

personal development goals:
-remember to say happy birthday to people
-be less shy about talking to people
-buy a binder

etc. i’ll add to this as i think of more

January 02 2018

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January 01 2018

i think i’m going to make the leap this year and get a binder


projecting all ur issues™ onto fictional characters is a time honored tradition. if kafka can give a cockroach his depression and deepseated fears of uselessness i can give a comic book character my personality disorder and sexual traumas. god’s dead and soon we will be too so in 2018 write all the weirdly specific Coping Fic you want and don’t let people get on your case about it

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