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September 01 2017

i tried using this salon’s online booking website but i think i’m going to have to call them to book instead bc like idk if my hair length qualifies me as needing a “women’s” haircut or a “men’s” haircut

like hi yes uh i’d like the back part buzzed and faded, but i need a lot of my top poof to be tamed via scissors. does the fact that i need extensive scissor work qualify me for the women’s cut, or does it still count as a dude’s haircut maybe?

oh also my sister needs a haircut at the same time but hers is definitely a women’s haircut but she has no fucking clue what she wants



Okay of course I’m happy that Malala got accepted to Oxford, but I really want to know more! What did she write for her personal essay- “Just google me bitches”? Did she have to do an interview and if so did she just plonk her nobel peace prize down on the table? Did her student counselor advise her to apply to other crappier places just in case she wasn’t accepted? Was there anyone who actually turned down freaking Malala Yousafzai, I need to know!!

#she just walked in and was like ‘i go here now’  #and they were like ‘thank you’

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Louisiana 8/14

August 31 2017

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Poor little guy looks like he’s saying

“You want me to leave? Okay…”

“You sure you want me to go? ‘cause I can stay…if you want…”



The fact she admitted to having a tumblr but didn’t want to give it out creates the concept of: one of us, if not many of us, could be mutuals with the author of My Immortal



This is the FOURTH time the apartment across the hall has blasted Mr. Brightside. What are they doing

Just fine.



tonight in vermont news:

  • the police department in our state capital was called because a skunk was wandering down main street with its head stuck in a yogurt cup
  • not wanting to risk getting sprayed, and unsure of how to remove a skunk from a yogurt cup anyway, the police googled “how to get a skunk’s head out of a yogurt cup”
  • this led them to an article, published by Arizona police in 2015, titled How to Take a Yogurt Cup Off a Skunk’s Head Without Getting Sprayed
  • using the method outlined in that article, vermont police safely caught the skunk, removed the yogurt cup, and sent the animal on its way
  • they did this without anybody getting sprayed in the process
  • “and then we recycled the cup,” vermont police wrote on their department’s facebook page, “so a win all around.”

this is so remarkably vermont that I just rubbed my hands down my face and said “fine. FINE”




no i dont want to be a billionaire to live a lavish lifestyle i want to be a billionaire to be financially secure and have enough money to give people things and support charities and fund kickstarters and leave hundred dollar tips

My lavish dream lifestyle: 200% tips at IHOP and throwing struggling artists a couple hundred bucks to sketch my latest asshole OC. I buy my cats better food. I get new underwear twice a year, including a new bra. I have my jeans hemmed, and buy name-brand crackers. Nobody I know ever has to worry about a vet bill again. I quietly bankroll surgery and binders and electrolysis for every struggling trans person on Tumblr. The zoo near me builds a 300% larger reptile house and names it the Wigglesworth Von Snakeface Rept-o-Rama, and I hire a Great Dane ninja to shit on Trump’s Hollywood star every day and post the picture to Facebook and Twitter. Snakes manifest in nazis’ houses. They are made of red-hot chains and never stop screaming. My skin is clear. I sit on my front porch and drink tea. Someone hands me a hamburger.


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This happened. 

The international space station willing to make sacrifices none else would. That is some Star Trek level of tolerance.

Either that or they plan to push him out an airlock when no ones looking…

Still counts.

It went from Star Trek level of tolerance to star wars level of tolerance


It is 120 degrees Fair In Height here in Southern California

i had a gnarly nosebleed today 

like i was in the shower and then i was like why does my neck and chest feel really warm and then OH SHIT OH MY GOD followed by these fucking shower curtains are cloth followed by fuck fuck fuck my hands are wet i can’t tear tissue paper followed by the sink is over there followed by i can’t get any blood on the carpet (my bathroom has carpet for some awful reason i can’t figure out)

and then i did get out of the shower and over to the sink with a bit of paper in my nose, all while buck naked and trying not to swallow any blood

BUT when my head was over the sink and i was replacing the tissue paper, it just KEPT COMING. like drip drip drip very even, no sign of clotting

(at this point it had been like seven minutes)

so i’m like no biggie let me just wash away some blood so i can towel off and look more presentable


and i was replacing tissue paper like i had this whole pile of bloody tissue paper wads and it was still that even drip drip drip

(and like it had been basically 20 minutes, exceeding every other nosebleed i’ve ever had)

so now i’m thinking like oh my god it won’t clot i’m going to have to call 911 and explain yes i need help i have a nosebleed that won’t stop and i am buck-ass nekkid in my bathroom

so i get the blood to stop for a bit in time to google how to stop nosebleed bc i know the answer isn’t lie back and drink a bunch of warm blood bc gross and possible vomiting and google be like bitch pinch the bridge of your nose really hard man and hold it

and what did you know, after like 30 seconds it stopped like 90%

like wow

this whole process took like 40 min and afterwards i had to go lie down and take a nap

it’s been like eight hours but i still feel really lightheaded and woozy

"It's all in how they're raised"



“All puppies are blank slates.” “If you do everything right with your puppy, you’ll have a great adult dog.” “If dogs have behavioral issues, we should blame the handle end of the leash.”

These are common misconceptions I hear as a trainer, and they make me so very sad. Behavior is a combination of nature and nurture, and if we could just take a moment to look logically at these myths, we would see just how silly they are.

Photo by Tavallai

Photo by Tavallai

Genetics influence behavior. This is part of the reason we have breeds: if you want a dog to work your sheep, you’re going to choose a Border Collie, not a Brittany Spaniel. Even though the two dogs have the same basic size and shape, one is more likely to have the instinctive motor patterns to do the work than the other. Getting a Border Collie whose parents successfully work sheep further increases the likelihood of your dog having the necessary genetic ability to be a great sheepherder.

In the 1970’s, Murphree and colleagues began to study the difference between normal and fearful lines of Pointers. In cross-fostering experiments, puppies from fearful parents were raised by normal mothers. These puppies still turned out fearful, in spite of proper socialization and a confident role model.

Interestingly, puppies from normal parents who were raised by fearful mothers also turned out fearful. Environment also influences behavior, and the best genetics in the world can’t create the perfect dog without a supportive upbringing.

If we believe that the way a dog is raised is solely responsible for his adult behavior, how can the tremendous success of the Pit Bulls from Michael Vick’s kennel and many other fighting operations be explained? With their neglectful and abusive upbringing, we would expect these dogs to be vicious and unsalvageable. Yet many of them have gone on to become wonderful pets. Some compete in agility or work as certified therapy dogs. Many Pit Bull enthusiasts are adamant that it’s all in how the dogs are raised, yet the success of many former fighting dogs tells us that it’s more than just that. These amazing, resilient dogs also have to have a sound genetic basis to explain their ability to overcome adversity.

On the other end of the spectrum, many of my clients have done everything right, yet continue to struggle with anxiety or aggression issues in their dogs. Certain lines of Golden Retrievers are known for severe resource guarding issues that often show up even in tiny puppies. Most of my German Shepherd behavioral consults occur when these dogs hit 12-18 months and growl at or bite a stranger. Miniature Australian Shepherds are likely to come to me due to extreme fear issues at 6-10 months of age. Terrier owners often call me when their dog hits social maturity and begins fighting with housemate dogs. While these traits may be common in my area, trainers in other areas of the country report completely different issues in the same breeds due to different lines of dogs with different genetic potentials living and being bred near them. I also see hundreds of friendly, stable, solid Goldens, German Shepherds, mini Aussies, and terriers in our Beginning Obedience and Puppy Kindergarten classes.

The truth is that dogs are born with a certain genetic potential that will influence which behavioral traits they display. This could include a dog’s sociability towards people, dogs, or other animals; their level of boldness or fearfulness; their likelihood to display anxious or compulsive behaviors; whether they are calm and confident or nervous and neurotic; and many other behavioral factors.

Let’s look at one trait to make this more clear. We know that dogs born from fearful parents are more likely to be fearful and that dogs with bold parents are more likely to be bold. There is a behavioral continuum, with boldness on one end and fearfulness on the other. Here’s what that spectrum would look like. A dog on the left end of the spectrum would be incredibly fearful, while a dog on the right end would be exceedingly confident. Most dogs wind up somewhere in the middle, and dogs on both ends of the spectrum present challenges for their owners.


A dog with bold parents is born with the potential to be quite bold. He is physically capable of bold behavior. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will become a bold dog. If his experiences as a puppy and young adult are very limited or if he has negative, scary experiences, he may develop into a fearful adult due to environmental influence. His genetic potential gave him the ability to be bold, but his environment did not nurture that ability.


On the other hand, consider a dog who is born from fearful parents. This dog does not have the genetic potential to be bold. Even given an incredibly supportive and nurturing environment as a puppy and young adult, this dog will always be somewhat fearful because the physical ability to be bold is just not there.


These dogs may present identically when we look at their behavior, in spite of the very different levels of dedication their owners had to socializing and supporting their puppies. However, the genetically bold dog may make a lot of progress with appropriate behavioral interventions, while the genetically fearful dog makes little or none. This has nothing to do with the skill level of each dog’s owner, but rather with the raw material each dog started with. (This is also, by the way, why ethical trainers do not make guarantees: without knowing what genetic package a dog starts with, there’s no way to know how much progress that dog can make until we try.)

Do you see how very unfair statements about how “it’s all in how they’re raised” are to committed, wonderful dog owners who have dogs with more difficult baselines? Just because your dog flew through a behavior mod program doesn’t mean every dog can or will, and assuming that it’s all because of the owner is unrealistic and downright cruel. I regularly work with wonderful people who do the best they can with difficult dogs, and that adage about walking a mile in someone’s shoes is applicable to their situation. As if living with and training a more difficult dog weren’t enough, these people are often subjected to comments and insinuations that if they were just a better handler, a better trainer, or a better leader, their dog would be perfectly fine. This is untrue and incredibly hurtful, and it needs to stop.

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chillin on a Saturday night

Calm down jojo

you’re right, I am looking a little stiff here, I should try to relax


You call that “chillin”?

Everyone knows the best way to relax is with a good book and a warm drink

I dunno, man,


 sometimes I like just relaxing on my laptop


get on my level boys

Unfortunately to “get on your level” I’d need a boat trip to the Mariana Trench and a pair of cinderblock shoes.

Thats gotta be the sickest burn ive ever read holy fuck

August 30 2017

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This is for oppressorplutonium who yesterday asked us:  How long does it usually take to create an animated cg 3d movie?

I found this image The Alchemy of Animation by Don Hahn. He put this image together to represent the time span that it might take to make a traditional 2D animation, not quite a 3D one like you asked but I thought it might help give you a better idea what kind of planning goes into making an animated film. On a side note Don Hahn did say that it often took longer than 3 years to make a 2D film.

Source: The Alchemy of Animation

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who needs ghosts? haunt your own house. wander around your own living room wailing and crying

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She jumped up for some pets and decided to sit on my zucchini

god i wish that were me

i think the worst thing / most embarrassing thing ever is for someone you really admire to tell you something you did was totally the wrong thing to do

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